Effective Ways to Fix TikTok Video Quality Bad Issues (2024)

In the past few years, we have seen numerous individuals rise to incredible stardom, all thanks to the greatness of TikTok and its mind-blowing features. One thing that seems familiar in the most popular videos is the high-quality clips and unique content.

Sometimes no matter how much a content creator takes care of the video quality and content, the final result is not pleasing. The video, after getting published, has a glitch or looks blurry. With a compromised video quality, ruling the For You page will remain a distant dream only.

So, how can you avoid bad-quality videos from getting published on your profile? Some simple tips and tricks can help you save your precious content from getting ruined by TikTok's frustrating mechanism.

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Why does TikTok Video Quality Bad Issue Occur?

Most of the time, we believe that our mobile camera is not capable enough to produce high-quality results, but that’s not necessary in 80% of the cases. To avoid blurry videos, you can consider the following before publishing your video on TikTok.

Check the video specifications:

TikTok will not tarnish your video quality if you choose the recommended size for the clip, have the correct codec type, and keep the video in the suggested format. When we use the TikTok's built-in camera to record a video, it adjusts to the specifications required by the platform. When you upload the video shot from your mobile camera or anything from your library., the problem arises Unedited or poorly edited files will also result in some changes after uploading.

Check the screen resolution:

TikTok supports the maximum resolution of 1080p. Therefore whenever we upload a higher resolution video, it decreases its resolution to 1080p, which affects the video quality. To avoid this, you can resize your bigger resolution videos to 1080p before uploading them to TikTok. It saves your video from disasters and poor-quality results.

Check the server capacity:

The high-quality video takes up larger space and more power. When the server volume is limited, it will also affect your video quality. To fix this, you will need more space on your device, but you cannot improve your limited server capacity in many cases.

How to Fix TikTok Video Quality Bad Issues?

No matter how grave your situation is with the TikTok video quality bad outcomes, there are still some ways you can fix this issue. Keep reading to discover the details.

The recommended video specifications to avoid bad quality pitfalls are:

  • 250 MB is the size of the clip if uploaded from an iOS device

  • H.264 codec

  • 1080px x 1920px aspect ratio

  • MP4 or MOV type

  • Vertical video format

  • Some more recommended fixes for TikTok quality bad videos are:

  • 1.Record Videos with Higher Resolution

  • Unfortunately, all smartphones are not blessed with powerful cameras, which often results in videos that feel dull and unappealing. Apple iPhones and some Android smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy, guarantee promising results. Whatever device you use, try to record in 1080P for the TikTok videos.

    Another cool hack is using the rear/back camera instead of the front one. It is because they have higher resolution and consist of more sophisticated lenses. Front cameras are convenient to film with, but you can only achieve the HD quality results you crave through the back camera.

  • 2.Don’t Edit with the TikTok App

  • TikTok has often messed with video quality, creating blurry results; to avoid that, experts recommend not editing the videos with the TikTok app itself. So, the question is which is worth your attention when editing your videos for TikTok.

    Well, FlexClip has appeared as the revolutionary software in this regard. Easy-to-use software and incredible features assist the content creators in creating impressive results. With FlexClip, you get to enjoy the following merits:

    Create a VideoView Templates

  • Zero loss of quality while editing the video.

  • Allows you to export the videos up to 1080P.

  • You can make your content even more enjoyable by utilizing their tremendous filters and widgets.

  • Offers free to use millions of video, photo, and music resources to add that WOW factor to your videos.

  • 3.Turn off Data Saver Mode

  • Data saver mode is beneficial when the users wish to enjoy TikTok on a limited data plan or low cost. But the drawback of this feature is that when you upload a video on data saver mode, TikTok uploads a low-quality video to consume less data.

    To avoid such heart breaks of poor-quality video uploading, you must disable this setting and use a high-speed internet connection. It helps you get the best quality videos on your profile at the end of the day. Let’s see how you can turn off data saver mode on TikTok.

  • Go to the Me tab in your TikTok account.

  • Open account settings in the top corner using the three dots there.

  • Find Cache and Cellular Data options.

  • Toggle off the data saver option here.

  • Enabling this feature saves your videos from getting ruined and enhances the overall experience of the app as well. You will see that the ‘For Me’ tab will load faster than before. You can toggle the data saver mode ON later if you have a limited budget.

  • 4.Try TikTok Web Browser App

  • Usually, mobile phones do not do much to preserve the quality of the video while uploading. If you find yourself stuck in the situation where TikTok uploads bad-quality video, switch to the other device. It makes a massive difference in the quality of the content.

    Go to the TikTok website on your computer/laptop and upload your video on your desktop. Doing so will save you from low-quality video disasters that happen on mobile devices.

  • 5.Ensure you have a good WIFI connection

  • Uploading your video using a stable Wi-Fi connection can serve you with immense benefits. When you switch to a Wi-Fi connection, resolution increases drastically compared to mobile data. Wi-Fi ensures you get the same bandwidth as you get it throughout the uploading procedure. It results in rich quality content that is enough to attract your audience's attention.

    The Bottom Line

    TikTok is an entertainment platform with billions of active users. To stand out in this intense competition requires you to take care of every minute detail possible. Save your videos from low-quality uploads by following our little guide above, and try FlexClip to add that eye-catching element to your TikTok videos.

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    Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in the article you provided:

    TikTok Video Quality Bad Issue

    The article discusses how to avoid bad-quality videos from getting published on TikTok. It provides several tips and tricks to improve video quality. Here are the main concepts covered:

    1. Video Specifications: TikTok adjusts the video specifications when using its built-in camera. However, when uploading videos shot from your mobile camera or library, unedited or poorly edited files can result in changes in video quality. It is important to check the recommended size, codec type, and format for the video .

    2. Screen Resolution: TikTok supports a maximum resolution of 1080p. If you upload a higher resolution video, TikTok will decrease its resolution to 1080p, which can affect video quality. To avoid this, you can resize your videos to 1080p before uploading them to TikTok.

    3. Server Capacity: High-quality videos require more space and power. If the server volume is limited, it can also affect video quality. While you cannot improve the server capacity, you can ensure you have enough space on your device to avoid compromising video quality.

    4. Recording Videos with Higher Resolution: Recording videos in 1080p using smartphones with powerful cameras, such as Apple iPhones and some Android smartphones, can result in better video quality. Using the rear/back camera instead of the front one can also improve the quality.

    5. Not Editing with the TikTok App: TikTok's app has been known to affect video quality, creating blurry results. To avoid this, experts recommend not editing videos with the TikTok app itself. Alternative software, such as FlexClip, is suggested for editing videos with zero loss of quality.

    6. Turning off Data Saver Mode: Data saver mode on TikTok uploads low-quality videos to consume less data. To avoid this, you can disable data saver mode and use a high-speed internet connection for better video quality.

    7. Using TikTok Web Browser App: Uploading videos on the TikTok website using a computer or laptop can result in better video quality compared to mobile devices.

    8. Ensuring a Good Wi-Fi Connection: Uploading videos using a stable Wi-Fi connection can significantly improve video quality compared to using mobile data.

    These tips and tricks aim to help content creators improve the quality of their videos on TikTok and increase their chances of gaining popularity on the platform.

    Remember, the information provided here is based on the content of the article you shared, and the concepts discussed are not personal opinions or experiences.

    Effective Ways to Fix TikTok Video Quality Bad Issues (2024)
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