7 Tricks to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments? (2024)

Is it possible to access Reddit deleted comments in 2023? Yes. Despite the recent controversies surrounding the social media site’s data policy updates, one thing about the platform has not changed: users can find and see deleted Reddit comments and posts on the platform. In this article, I’ll teach you something many Reddit users want to know: how to “undelete” Reddit comments. We’ll be using third-party archiving tools to do this so open up a tab on your browser and keep reading!

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Here's what we'll cover:

  • #1. Turn Back Time With theWayback Machine
  • #2. Undelete Reddit Comments with Unddit
  • #3. Look Up and Read Deleted Reddit Comments on Reveddit
  • #4. How to see Removed Comments on Reddit via Resavr
  • #5. Use Pushshift
  • #6. Use a browser extension
  • #7. Read deleted Reddit Comments and Posts with Google Cache
  • Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments. FAQ
    • Are Reddit comments deleted forever?
    • What is the difference between removed and deleted comments on Reddit?
    • Why are so many Reddit comments deleted?
    • Can Reddit mods see deleted comments?
    • Is such archiving of Reddit content legal?
    • Can you “undelete” or restore your deleted posts and comments?
    • How can you delete your own Reddit data securely to keep it inaccessible from archiving tools?
    • Can I find a deleted Reddit account?
  • Final Thoughts

#1. Turn Back Time With theWayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a popularweb archiving servicethat collects screenshots of billions of web pages and caches them for the world to access. Of all the 815 billion web pages that are archived on the website, millions of them contain screenshots of Reddit posts. There’s a high chance you’ll find screenshots of the Reddit deleted comments you’re looking for on this site. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to https://archive.org/web/
  • Enter the URL of the Reddit postthat contains the deleted comments you’d like to see
  • The Wayback Machine will display a calendar; on this calendar, the dateson which screenshots of the Reddit post were taken will be circled in blue
  • On a new tab, open Reddit
  • Check how many days ago the comment/s were deleted
  • Use acalculator and a calendar to pinpoint the exact day on which the comments were deleted
  • Return to the Wayback machine
  • Search for the screenshots that were taken right before the comments were deleted

If you have trouble using the calendar on the Wayback machine (don’t worry, many do) I recommend you go through this simple tutorial:

#2. Undelete Reddit Comments with Unddit

If the Wayback Machine didn’t help you see the removed Reddit comments you were in search of Unddit surely will. On this platform, comments deleted by other users are presented in blue-colored text bubbles and the comments deleted by moderators are presented in red. You can even get to see the usernames of the user/s behind the comments. To use this tool, take the following steps:

  • Open the websiteunddit.com on your PC
  • Open your bookmark bar (Shortcut: PressCtrl + Shift + B)
  • Drag the red Unddit button to the bookmark bar to bookmark this link
  • On another tab, open the Reddit threadfeaturing the deleted comments
  • When the page loads open on yourUndditbookmark
  • Unddit will loadalldeleted commentson that thread

Unddit uses the servicePushshift.io to collect & track Reddit posts and comments. On May 1st, 2023, Reddit banned Pushshift.io from their platform. So, Unddit may not work reliably for a while. But, it’s still worth a try.

#3. Look Up and Read Deleted Reddit Comments on Reveddit

If using Unddit was easy, using Revedit is even easier. This simple website only consists of one homepage and one search bar. Just open reveddit.comon your PC browser and take the following steps:

  • In thetext fieldenter either the commenter, i.e., the Redditor’s name,
  • The name of thesubreddit, or theURLlink of the Reddit thread in question
  • ClickGo
  • Watch all the deleted comments pop up

You can even type in the names of different subreddits and access all the deleted comments under them. Another way to use Reveddit is to insert the word “ve” into theword “Reddit” on the URLof the Reddit page on which the deleted comments are featured. For example, check out this URL of a Reddit post:

To find the deleted comments on this post, all you need to do is insert the word “ve” into theURL like this:


Reddit becomes Revedit in an instant and a new webpage opens on which all the deleted comments from the thread are displayed. Bear in mind, Reveddit does not collect, track, or retrieve user-deleted comments or posts. It can only fetch posts and comments deleted bymoderators or bots.

If you suspect that your comments on specific posts get deleted, consider installing the real-time Reveddit extension. This tool will notify you whenever your Reddit posts or comments are silently deleted. For users who are constantly shadow-bannedby bots/moderators on the platform, Reveddit is a great tool.

If you don’t know what shadow-banning on Reddit is, I recommend you check out the following video:

#4. How to see Removed Comments on Reddit via Resavr

If you want to see deleted Reddit posts, Resavr is not the site for you. That’s because this website is specifically designed to archive deleted Reddit commentsonly. Just like Reveddit, Resavr has a simple, easy-to-use interface. You can look up specific Redditors, threads, or subs via the search bar located on the top-right corner of the Resavr homepage.

On the Resavr homepage, you can also look up themost recently deleted Reddit comments. Just click thebutton located right next to the search text bar. Or, scroll through the Resavr homepage to read the top deleted commentsof the day. No matter what content you read, Resavr is a must-try tool for all Redditors.

#5. Use Pushshift

You ever heard of a time machine? Well, Pushshift isn’t one. But, it’s probably the closest thing to it when we’re talking about trawling through Reddit’s past.

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. First off, make your way to the Pushshift website. It’s where all the magic happens.
  2. You’ll notice a search bar (standard stuff, really). Now, this is where you paste the URL of that spicy Reddit post that’s had some content mysteriously vanish.
  3. After you’ve done that, hit that oh-so-tempting “Search” button.
  4. On the next page, you’ll want to scroll a bit until you find the “Comments” section. And guess what? There’s a “Show All Comments” button. Give it a tap.
  5. And voila! Those sneaky deleted comments? They’re right there, laid bare for you to see.

Bonus tip: If you want to get really granular and dig deep, Pushshift allows you to filter these comments by date and time. Just click the “Filter Comments” button and go wild. You can specify the exact time frame you want to see comments from. Fancy, right?

#6. Use a browser extension

Alright, this one’s for all you lazy geeks out there (don’t worry, I’m one too). If hopping from one website to another feels like too much work, why not get a browser extension to do the heavy lifting for you? Here’s how:

  1. Head over to your browser’s extension store. Search for either “Reddit Comment Remover Highlighter” or “Reddit Comment Remover.” Pick your poison.
  2. Once you’ve got that installed, jump back over to Reddit and find that post you’re curious about.
  3. With the extension active, any comment that’s gone the way of the dodo will be highlighted. It’s like they never left!

Another cool thing: if you’re all about aesthetics, some extensions let you choose the color for highlighting those deleted comments. Just head into the extension’s settings and pick a shade that screams ‘you’.

#7. Read deleted Reddit Comments and Posts with Google Cache

If none of the tools mentioned above work, your last hope is Google. Just like all search engines, Google constantly indexes web pages. Google does this even when the content you’re loading was recently removed. Technically, thecachedversionof a Reddit page featuring deleted postsand comments may exist in Google’s cache. Try retrieving this cached data by taking the following steps:

  • Open Google Chrome web browser (preferably on your PC or laptop)
  • In the search bar, type URL of the Reddit post/thread that features the deleted comments
  • In the search results, find the correctentry
  • Click on theicon that looks like three dots right next to the link to open adrop-down list
  • Find an option titledCached on thedrop-down list

In case Google has cached the webpage, you might be able to see the deleted comments on the cached version. However, Google’s cache updates every few minutes. So, the chances of you finding an out-of-date webpage are pretty low. Hopefully, at least one of the tools mentioned above will work before you have to resort to Google!

Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments. FAQ

Are Reddit comments deleted forever?

You might think that once something vanishes from Reddit, it’s gone for good. Think again. Reddit is a vast universe, and while a comment or post might disappear from its original thread, it doesn’t mean it’s completely wiped off the face of the internet. You see, when you want to view deleted Reddit posts or comments, there are tools and tricks to unveil the hidden. So, are these comments gone forever? Not really. With the right tool to view deleted content, you can often revive dead comments and threads.

What is the difference between removed and deleted comments on Reddit?

Ah, the age-old question. When browsing your favorite threads, you might stumble upon [deleted] or [removed]. But what’s the difference? Well, content deleted by users is, well, “deleted.” The user chose to wipe it away. On the other hand, “removed” indicates that a moderator or bot took action to erase the content. Whether you’re looking to view deleted comments or those that were removed from Reddit, there are ways to peer into what was once there.

Why are so many Reddit comments deleted?

Reddit is a great place to share, discuss, and debate. But with freedom comes responsibility. Sometimes users delete their comments due to a change of heart or to avoid backlash. Other times, comments and threads get flagged for violating community guidelines. Then, they’re removed from Reddit, often by vigilant bots or attentive mods. So, the next time you find a post containing the deleted comments and wonder, “Why?”, remember it could be users covering their tracks or the mighty ban hammer.

7 Tricks to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments? (1)

Can Reddit mods see deleted comments?

Here’s a spicy tidbit: mods have a lot of power, but they’re not omniscient. When a user decides to delete their comment, it becomes invisible to everyone, including mods. However, if the comment is “removed”, it’s still visible to the mods of that particular subreddit. So, if you’re looking for ways to view a removed comment, sometimes a kind mod might be your ticket in.

Is such archiving of Reddit content legal?

Navigating the legality of viewing deleted Reddit content is like tip-toeing through a digital minefield. Technically, when you post on Reddit, you grant them a license to use and display that content. But what about third-party tools dedicated to viewing deleted content? The line gets a bit blurry. Using tools like the Wayback Machine or others to find deleted content is generally allowed, but always ensure you’re not violating any terms or infringing on privacy.

Can you “undelete” or restore your deleted posts and comments?

Ever had that moment of regret right after hitting the delete button? We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, once you delete a post or comment on Reddit, there’s no “undo” button. But fret not! If you’re eager to view them again, tools like Unddit and Reveddit can come to your rescue, helping to un-delete Reddit comments and posts. Remember, the internet never truly forgets.

How can you delete your own Reddit data securely to keep it inaccessible from archiving tools?

If you want to ensure your Reddit footprints vanish like a ninja in the night, a simple delete won’t cut it. Before deleting a post or comment, overwrite it with random text. Only then should you hit the delete button. This method ensures tools to read deleted comments find only gibberish, keeping your original words safe from prying eyes.

Can I find a deleted Reddit account?

It’s like searching for a ghost. When a Reddit account is deleted, its posts and comments remain but get tagged as coming from [deleted]. Accessing the specifics of a deleted account? Nearly impossible. However, if you’re looking for posts made by that account, tools and snapshots might give you glimpses of the past, provided you know where to look.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be real: Reddit is like the wild west of the internet. There’s gold in them hills, but sometimes you’ve got to dig a little to find it. Especially when comments or posts vanish into the digital ether. But with tools like Pushshift and handy browser extensions, not even deletions can keep the juicy bits from you.

So the next time someone tells you they found something amazing on Reddit, but it got deleted before they could show you, just wink and tell them you’ve got the right tools for the job. Whether you’re a pro looking to create your own NFT art collection or just a regular Joe looking for the best software of 2023 reviews, these methods will make sure you never miss out on any hidden Reddit gems.

Keep digging, and may the upvotes be ever in your favor!

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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Tech Tips

As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of online content archiving and data retrieval, I can confidently delve into the concepts used in the provided article about accessing deleted Reddit comments in 2023.

  1. Wayback Machine (Web Archiving): The article suggests using the Wayback Machine, a popular web archiving service that takes screenshots of web pages and caches them. It has an extensive archive of web pages, including Reddit posts. The method involves entering the URL of the Reddit post into the Wayback Machine, using its calendar to find archived dates, and checking for screenshots taken before the comments were deleted.

  2. Unddit (Third-Party Tool): Unddit is introduced as a third-party tool to undelete Reddit comments. It uses the service Pushshift.io to collect and track Reddit posts and comments. The article mentions that on May 1st, 2023, Reddit banned Pushshift.io, so Unddit may not work reliably for a while. Users are instructed to open the Unddit website, bookmark it, and use it to load all deleted comments on a Reddit thread.

  3. Reveddit (Simple Website): Reveddit is another tool highlighted in the article, offering a simple interface with a search bar. Users can enter the Redditor's name, subreddit, or URL of the Reddit thread to retrieve deleted comments. Reveddit, however, only fetches posts and comments deleted by moderators or bots.

  4. Resavr (Deleted Reddit Comments Archive): Resavr is a website designed specifically to archive deleted Reddit comments. It features a search bar for looking up specific Redditors, threads, or subreddits to find deleted comments. The article mentions that Resavr doesn't archive deleted posts, only comments.

  5. Pushshift (Data Retrieval Tool): Pushshift is described as a tool akin to a time machine for trawling through Reddit's past. Users can visit the Pushshift website, paste the URL of the Reddit post, and use the "Show All Comments" button to reveal deleted comments. The article also provides a bonus tip on filtering comments by date and time.

  6. Browser Extension: The article suggests using browser extensions like "Reddit Comment Remover Highlighter" or "Reddit Comment Remover" to automate the process of highlighting deleted comments. Once installed, these extensions can be used on Reddit, and deleted comments will be visibly highlighted.

  7. Google Cache (Search Engine): In case other tools fail, the article suggests resorting to Google Cache. Google constantly indexes web pages, and the cached version of a Reddit page featuring deleted comments may exist. Users are instructed to open Google Chrome, enter the URL of the Reddit post, find the cached version, and check for deleted comments.

Additionally, the article addresses frequently asked questions (FAQs) about deleted Reddit posts and comments, explaining concepts such as the difference between removed and deleted comments, why comments are deleted, whether Reddit mods can see deleted comments, the legality of archiving Reddit content, and the impossibility of restoring deleted posts and comments on Reddit.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive guide for Reddit users seeking to access and retrieve deleted comments using various third-party tools and methods.

7 Tricks to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments? (2024)
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